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The Reveal and Heal app provides personalized Traditional East Asian Medicine recommendations based on Bazi - the source for knowing one’s 5 Element constitution - acquired from birth data. Receive customized acupoint prescriptions and unique 5 Element based complementary medicine suggestions including: food therapy, supplements, herbs, essential oils, flower essences, cell salts, seasonal acupoint treatments, and general lifestyle and psychosocial guidance.

Additionally, discover which organs are most vulnerable to disease and learn how to prevent problems and optimize function.

There are three paths of use:

healthcare practitioners/acupuncturists, parents, and individuals.

1) Healthcare practitioners / acupuncturists - includes: individualized acupuncture points, Master Tung Points, TCM herbal formulas, and single herb suggestions, in addition to the above complementary therapies unique for each patient,

2) Parents - contains: Chinese Pediatric Massage - Tui Na, Japanese Pediatric Acupressure - Shonishin, and high-level, constitutionally based parenting advice, in addition to the above complementary therapies unique for each child,

3) Individuals - includes: self-care acupressure and all the above complementary therapy recommendations unique to your constitution.


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